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Elizabeth Gilbert is one of my favorite people and authors. I still recall being backstage with her when I worked at my corporate job. We were waiting for her cue and she was pacing slowly back and forth. She wasn’t speaking, but something was off, I could tell. “Are you okay?” I whispered to her […]

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15 Inspiring Elizabeth Gilbert Quotes

Fear is a little word that sparks a lot of conversation. It’s tricky because everyone has fears, but they’re all unique to us in how they crop up and how we choose to face our fears and deal with what it tells us. Maybe you’re thinking: How can 4 letters bring massive amounts of insecurity […]

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How to Face Your Fears: One Business Tip Every CEO Needs

We all have fears in business—whether it’s around the fear of failure, the fear of visibility, the fear of being too “salesy”… Whatever the case may be for you, we all have something that scares us and holds us back, so we quietly stay put in the shadows. Unfortunately, when we’re quiet about our fears, […]

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The One Thing You Must Do To Overcome Your Fears

So you’re working from home, now? While it may have been your secret dream to stay at home working in your pjs, when you actually have to work from home day after day, it can become a little less glamorous.  I’ve been a work from home veteran since late 2015, and in 5+ years, I’ve […]

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10 Tips to Help You Successfully Work From Home

Goal setting can happen at any time in the year, but the beginning of the year just feels full of fresh possibilities and hope, doesn’t it? Here’s the thing about setting goals. People think they have to do them every day for it to “count.” I say: nope! Commit to what you can take consistent […]

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The 8 Life and Business Goals to Set in 2020

A “Celebration Circle” may sound a little like something 5th graders do at a birthday party — yet I fully believe (as a grown woman with a pretty good business track record!) that every entrepreneur needs a Celebration Circle to cheer on her success. These are the people who hop in the front seat and […]

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What Is A “Celebration Circle” And Why It’s The Key To Business Success

When I coach my clients, we often talk about getting out of your own way in order to find success. It’s something every entrepreneur goes through many times throughout the lifecycle of their business. Even the most seasoned, confident entrepreneurs will have a moment that comes along and makes them whisper, “Can I do that?” […]

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Are You Getting In Your Own Way? Three Ways To Know For Sure

Learning from your mistakes and looking back so you can make effective plans is great advice. But here’s the thing… I hate traditional “end-of-year” reflections.  See, I forget what I do in a year. I don’t know what I did last week. Part of that is a gift because I don’t actually remember if something […]

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Three Things You Must Include In Your Yearly Review

It’s a cliche, I know, to say I can’t believe it’s almost a new year already. That said, I’m not one to dwell too heavily on the past. I find a lot of entrepreneurs get caught up in reflecting on the past so much, they use it as an excuse not to make progress on […]

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Three Things To Do Before You Set A Yearly Plan

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