Kolbe-Centered Business Consulting for CEOs + Small Teams

I partner with motivated business owners and leaders to infuse their natural strengths and abilities into a customized action plan that focuses on transforming them into clear, confident, impactful CEOS.  

It’s time for you to transform from being a business owner with a group of contractors into a clear, focused CEO leading a team built for excellence.

It’s okay that you don’t know exactly where to start or what to do. 

My job is to help you discover your personalized path, and then design action steps tailored to your strengths and company goals.

Three phases of collaboration will pilot your unique business growth strategy:

Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Three




You show up as you are and share your current challenges and goals.

I gather information and get to know you, asking questions that probe into how you’d act if you were free to create your business your way

We design a plan of action customized for you. We’ll keep what’s working, and get specific about how we solve your most pressing problems. We’ll cherry pick the best strategies from across industries that will align with how YOU work best, and fit them together to create something one-of-a-kind

We identify your next steps, putting them in an order that will get the fastest results from which to further refine.  

We take action, staying in contact and collaboration so we can pivot on a dime

We refine as we go, letting curiosity guide us. We’ll stay nimble and flexible until we dial in the perfect combination that produces consistent and reliable results.

 Formulas work for spreadsheets. 
Cookie cutters thrive in bakeries. 

Only a CUSTOM action plan built around your CEO strengths will guide the way towards building a profitable and successful company. 

Case study

The Nimble Co. Team

“We had Eryn come into our team and evaluate our Kolbe to help us learn more about how to work more efficiently together.”

Eryn went above and beyond providing us in-depth insight on how to communicate with our visionary as well as each other as well as how to utilize our connotative strengths using our Kolbe results. We are already implementing what we’ve learned in the first session to adjust how we communicate within our organization. We identified major communication gaps that we’ve already closed saving us hours of potential time lost. We are excited to learn more about the Kolbe with Eryn!

Megan Henderson, The Nimble Co. Team

“She has not only brought clarity on these different styles but has given us tools and examples on how to collaborate to be more successful.”

When working with a team to collaborate on projects there are naturally many different work styles present. Eryn’s ability to dissect our unique styles has been incredibly helpful in understanding how each team member takes action when presented with a project. I also felt as if Eryn really knew us, she had a beautiful way of connecting and an ease about her. It was a fun team-building experience and brought us closer together!

Trina Kerney, The Nimble Co. Team

“Eryn was so wonderful to learn from!”

She made it easy to understand the many working parts of this inventory in a way that we can continue to apply without constantly referring to our results. It was also very obvious that she spent time reviewing our results before meeting with us and already understood some key ways that we work together more successfully. I truly enjoyed this experience and am excited to dive deeper into Kolbe with Eryn as our guide! 

Maggie Dillon, The Nimble Co. Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have lots of questions or I’m really confused about where my business is heading? Do I have to crystal clarity before we work together?

Clarity is NOT a prerequisite. In fact, most of my clients come to me with more questions than answers. Unless you’ve been in the trenches as a multi-million dollar CEO before, you probably lack the experience to create your path alone. 

But you don’t need to go buy letters after your name to be successful. You just need a partner who is willing to collaborate and help you DISCOVER your answers and CREATE your clarity.

How much time will it take for me to start seeing returns on our consulting investment (relationship?)?

I consider the unique goals of every project I accept and strive to create quick wins with all clients. That’s why every project begins with a Kolbe assessment, which will give you an immediate (and lifelong) return from Day 1. 
While I love helping my clients make money, that’s not the goal of every project I accept. Some companies need communication challenges addressed immediately. Others need to hire or restructure their team. Every good plan needs clarity and a dose of reality to get started successfully, so we’ll assess your current circumstances, define your action plan, and keep your unique goals front and center as we collaborate. 

Is every client required to take a Kolbe A™ Index when they work with Eryn?

Yes. This assessment functions as my primary tool for understanding how to customize my teaching so you can learn easily. 

If you’re unwilling to take the Kolbe index, we won’t be a good fit to work together.