You started because you wanted freedom: time freedom, financial freedom, and the freedom to choose your copywriting clients.

But while you might have called yourself a freelancer at first, the reality is that you “accidentally” started a business.

Looking for advice online is confusing, because most coaches work with other business models. What about you? Your clients book one-time projects, so the generic advice out there isn’t helping you grow.

Getting business coaching for copywriters from someone who “gets you” will offer you specific, actionable strategy and advice.

Hey There! I'm Eryn and I specialize in business coaching for copywriters.

I've helped copywriters transition from one-time projects into recurring revenue models that scale their copywriting businesses past $100k.

As your business coach, I'm here to guide you and give you courage so you can make smart choices and grow your copywriting business with ease.

Business Coach for COPYWRITERS

Meet Eryn Morgan

Your most ideal clients should be collaborative, respectful of your creative expertise, and a joy to work with from inquiry to invoice. It’s possible to attract dream clients with ease, but it does take intention, strategy, and focused effort. You deserve more than clients who miss deadlines, pay late, and break all your boundaries, that’s why getting business coaching for copywriters from a knowledgeable coach can help you find clients who respect your processes.

Attract Ideal Clients

01. Attract

02. build

03. Live

Just because the majority of your work comes as one-time projects, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice predictability. It’s possible to smooth out your income, while increasing what you earn, in the next 90 days.

Build Predictable Revenue

01. Attract

02. build

03. Live

The irony of being a copywriter is that you actually want to spend less time writing for others. But that requires designing your business for time flexibility with smart systems that can support your lifestyle.  

Spend Less Time Writing

01. Attract

02. build

03. Live

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Show your ideal clients that you get them from first click, by talking to them in clear language that speaks to their problems, challenges, and frustrations. When they can see themselves in your words and understand your process, they’ll choose you to help them express themselves online.

Attract Clients With Ease

Get Clear on your Ideal Client

Make it easy for people to refer you, by answering that dreaded, “Who’s Your Ideal Client” question with clarity. Paint a picture of who you want to write copy for the most, so your referral partners, networking peers, and business collaborators can send you the perfect people.

Help Others Send Dream Clients Your Way

The key to making your offers profitable is making them as easy to sell as they are to deliver. That means anticipating when your clients will miss deadlines and setting them up for success before they can struggle. That’s what leads to seamless projects and glowing testimonials.

Increase Profits and Finally Pay Yourself 

Build Offers That Solve Problems and Sell Like Ice Cream in July

When you get on that discovery call, you need to feel confident so you can lead your prospects to decision with ease. When you have a framework that feels natural and easy to follow, you’ll relax and focus on connecting and listening to your prospects. Selling yourself doesn’t have to feel bad.

Sell Your Creative Services with Confidence

Even if you’re not much of a systems or tech person, getting business coaching for copywriters can help you go back to basics. Simplicity is the key thing when you’re first getting started, but it’s tempting to want to automate everything! Begin with clarity on the systems that will affect your revenue, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Operate With Strategy and Ease

Create Simple Systems For Today

When you get the support you need to get off the revenue rollercoaster and smooth out your dream client flow, you can start to focus on your next-level vision for your business. That’s where hiring a business coach for copywriters is smart. I’ll be in your corner because I understand you, and can help you reach new heights. Let’s uncover your next steps today.

Craft a Powerful Vision for Your Growth

Private Coaching



Want to move with speed as you scale your copywriting business to six-figures and beyond. Get private attention, loads of support, and accountability with private coaching.

Be in a supportive community with other creatives with common challenges and learn together as you solve them.

Want a fast solve to you biggest business challenge. Then dive in for a rapid-fire business intensive that will give you a clear action plan and steps to follow.

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