Helping Powerful Decision Makers Lead 21st Century Teams

Kolbe Certified™ Business Consultant + Team Leadership Advisor

I help people who lead people use their strengths, hone their CEO Instincts™, and make empowering decisions that promote growth AND joy.

Whether you’re working with a disjointed group of contractors or a tangled web of talented employees, I’ll help you discover the strengths of your team and transform your challenges into your solutions. 

Hey there! I’m Eryn Morgan

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Consulting for Teams, Groups & Companies

1:1 Consulting for CEOs and Leaders

Decision Makers Mastermind

You show up as you are and share your current challenges and goals.

I gather information and get to know you, asking questions that probe into how you’d act if you were free to create your business your way

We design a plan of action customized for you. We’ll keep what’s working, and get specific about how we solve your most pressing problems. We’ll cherry pick the best strategies from across industries that will align with how YOU work best, and fit them together to create something one-of-a-kind

We identify your next steps, putting them in an order that will get the fastest results from which to further refine.  

We take action, staying in contact and collaboration so we can pivot on a dime

We refine as we go, letting curiosity guide us. We’ll stay nimble and flexible until we dial in the perfect combination that produces consistent and reliable results.

Another “inspirational” video just popped up in your social feed. 

*Cue discouraged sigh.* 

It doesn’t take much for that nagging voice to chime in again, reminding you that you can expand your reach and be even more successful, IF ONLY you knew exactly what to do…

You’re missing something… Stronger CEO skills? Tangible growth strategies? The right people? You’re constantly reacting.

Trying to lead scattered contractors. Lacking a clear vision. Attempting to follow the “proven growth formulas” that skyrocketed other brands into millions. 

In the end, you know all the inspiration in the world won’t take you even one step closer to finding strategies that will work for your company. And you have a sense that what got you to your current level of success won’t get you to the next one. 

But the worst part is how hard you’re working. You’re hustling

You’re motivated to improve and build your business, yet the frustration is real and if you’re being truly honest with yourself, you have no idea where to start.

Let’s get you clear and build a custom strategy based on your strengths so you can finally see some true results from all your diligent efforts. 

Discover YOUR way of making decisions

Take FAST action so you learn and refine more quickly

LEAD with compassion and kindness

That’s why I’m here. I’ll help you…

Love notes from my CEO clients

“With Eryn’s support, I’m actively growing my small business into a company.”

I didn’t know I wanted to be an agency owner when I started out as a VA in 2018. The idea of building a company… creating strong boundaries, figuring out how to communicate with clients, and ultimately leading a team… was intimidating. But once I committed to the idea, I invested in working with Eryn because I believed she could help me do it. 

She figured out my natural strengths (creating stability and building systems!) and taught me how to use them as tools to create rapid growth. She’s with me every step of the way, helping me make great decisions based on the needs of my business and my family. 

I’ve learned to communicate clearly, implement quickly, and ultimately, I’m a confident CEO building my dream business. Hiring Eryn was the best business decision I’ve made to date. You won’t regret working with her if your dreams are huge and your willingness and commitment to growth are non-negotiable.

Sadie Prestridge, CEO of Prestridge & Co