I’m a Kolbe Certified™ Business Consultant  (4 4 8 3) who works with business owners and CEOs who want to grow and lead multi-million dollar companies.

Hey there! I’m Eryn

I believe that cookie cutters belong in bakeries, not businesses. 

That's why I'll customize my approach for you, putting your greatest strengths at the core of your strategy.

I'll blend a combination of conative tools, hand-selected strategies, customized approaches, and my wealth of past experiences into your business action plan. Then we'll work together to increase productivity and profitability, but in a way that works for you.

My Philosophy

I’ve built a profitable business doing things my way; blending my strengths, intuition, and experience into a personalized approach that works for me. 

That’s the core of how I work with my clients, too. By blending their experiences, Kolbe identified strengths, and big-picture business goals together, we create an action plan that will bring a one-of-a-kind strategy to life. 

I’ve been highly influenced by several amazing teachers throughout my career who encouraged me to develop my intuitive teaching style and laser-focus on helping every individual find their unique path to business success. 

What that means is that my approach is your approach. I don’t have one “proven method” or “winning formula.” I have hundreds of them. I help open-minded, collaborative clients who don’t want to be a copy and are ready to get creative in solving their greatest business challenges.

“Eryn is real, grounded, and is deeply rooted in customizing strategies to match the client and their strengths.”

I’ve known Eryn as her coach, colleague, and friend for almost half a decade and in that time I’ve been consistently impressed with how committed she is to both her own growth and to empowering her clients to be successful.

Her background and training allows her to use Kolbe Wisdom™ to help CEOs in their growth and transformation and that evolution of her professional career has been exciting to watch. I’d enthusiastically recommend Eryn to any CEO wanting to strengthen their team’s communication, productivity, or ultimately, the profits of their company.

Laura Wright, CEO of Laura Wright Worldwide

Some of my "Failures"

I’m three times married and twice divorced. I used to be ashamed of that, but now I leverage what life taught me into even more compassion and creativity. 

I failed social psych in college because I refused to read the textbook. It turns out real-life social skills weren’t enough to pass the final, but they’ve certainly helped me build a profitable company built around people. 

I taught English in China when I was 15 and 16. My students were older than me, but that didn’t stop me from helping them with their conversational English.

Olivia, our golden retriever, has her own website. Jury’s still out on whether I’ve turned Ms. Golden Paws into a fluffy diva.

I believe that sales is love, and that understanding how to sell with love makes you a better human. Until I learned how to sell with heart and authenticity, I left countless prospects without the solutions they so desperately needed. 

I love to cook, but in my early “Rachael Ray inspired” experiential cooking days, I set the first floor of my townhouse on fire making hot wings for a Steelers game. It was one hot party.

If you want an advisor that will be there every step of the way as you work towards your goals.

 If you want more out of your business, then we should talk.

I have helped CEOs and business owners build their companies from the ground up, moving from small business to a real company operating and earning like one.

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