What Is A “Celebration Circle” And Why It’s The Key To Business Success


A “Celebration Circle” may sound a little like something 5th graders do at a birthday party — yet I fully believe (as a grown woman with a pretty good business track record!) that every entrepreneur needs a Celebration Circle to cheer on her success.

These are the people who hop in the front seat and ride right beside you through snow storms and clear days — and they may also understand why the clear days are so good!

What’s so important about a Celebration Circle and which folks should you invite to the party to help round out your celebration support group? Read on.

Why Do I Need People to “Get It” To Celebrate With Me?

I say “The More The Merrier” when it comes to celebrating… And I also say make sure you include people who “get it.”

In your Celebration Circle, you may want to include a few people who are genuinely happy for you. These people will naturally want to celebrate your success because they love you.

I’d also encourage you to find a group of supporters who emotionally understand just how exciting your wins are. These folks can empathize with what you’re going through because they’ve been there, too. When you go to them with a win, they know just how big it is to enforce a boundary or to rock a really challenging sales call. They celebrate as big as you do (sometimes bigger), because they recognize what you’ve faced to get there.

The really great thing about these folks who “get it” is that the positive vibes they share are contagious. Before long, you feel more happy and successful in your recent win because their reaction has mirrored back to you a joyful image of yourself.

Who Is Invited to the Circle?

There are a few people you’ll encounter in your entrepreneurial celebration journey and you need every one of them in your Celebration Circle.

I realized this in the most normal and natural of ways — the time we almost had a cat. Let me explain… 

A cat wandered to our home and Matt let it in. In this experience, I felt actual discomfort. It was a physical fear that I’m sure you can relate to; that loss of control you feel when faced with a new challenge.

Further, I am not prepared to care for a cat. In order to make him comfortable until we could take it to the vet the next day, we had to get some supplies. Our mission was simple: gather the supplies we’d need before the shop closed at 9 pm. At 8:47 pm, we walked into the pet store.

I take it back — walk is too calm. I dashed into the pet store feeling like I had a lion waiting for me at home and I better get the right things or my night just got infinitely more uncomfortable.

While there, I discovered the three types of people everyone needs in their Celebration Circle. 

Success Tip: Build your Celebration Circle with a variety of people who understand you and your business at different levels.

The Cheerleader

The first sales associate I saw was so kind and uplifting. She wasn’t incredibly knowledgeable about what new cat owners would need, but she was happy to walk us around to where they keep the cat toys and show us a few things. 

In your Celebration Circle, these people are genuinely happy for you. They don’t relate with what you’ve done, but they’re thrilled with your progress. Celebration Circle Cheerleaders could be family and friends who don’t have a shared experience, but they want the best for you.

Supporter On The Sidelines

Someone else at the pet store that night was Matt. While he only knew a little about cats, he understood the situation. He knew how I felt (read: how afraid I was) and was in my corner no matter what.

In your Celebration Circle, these are your partners, mastermind peers, and friends and family in your corner who actually get it. They understand your experience at an emotional level. They will help you and be there for you because they get how you feel.

The Coach

Finally in our 13-minute sojourn to the pet store, I found another store associate. Unlike the first associate, this one actually knew how to help me. She walked me through the store and got me everything I needed; she even shared coupons. Her knowledge guided me through the process quickly, and in a way where I was set up for success.

In your Celebration Circle, this is your coach — business, mindset, health…whatever coach you need in this phase in your life. This person will save you time and money, they’ll guide you to a path for your specific needs, and will propel your success. Because of my pet store Coach, I had all the tools and supplies I needed to be successful with this cat.

Your Celebration Circle may have many people or only a few who truly get it. However you choose to celebrate your business and your success, having a variety of folks to lift you up and cheer with you is an essential part of any entrepreneurial success story.

Now, I’m curious. Who’s in your entrepreneurial Celebration Circle?

P.S. We no longer have a cat… turns out he belonged to a family in our neighborhood and was just lost. So long to the lion in my living room.

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