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Confidence plays a large role in attracting clients and the income you want for your business. I know, I’m not telling you anything groundbreaking here. But, it can be hard to internalize that confidence and radiate it daily. Because here’s the thing: confidence is a choice. How do you find that confidence for yourself and […]

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Three Ways to Grow Your Confidence in Yourself and Business

Do you know that “Sunday Scaries” feeling? I’m guessing you might be familiar with it from your days in the corporate or 9-5 world. It’s that feeling on Sunday night that you have to go back to your office and your desk and your boss… UGH! I was thinking the other day how I do […]

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How to Find Clients in Three Steps

When I started working with one of my clients, I was apprehensive. She didn’t fit the ideal client profile that I’d created. Usually, if I hear things that make me uncertain about a potential client, I close the sales call with an invitation to find another coach who may be better suited to their needs. […]

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Ideal Client Profile: Three Ways To Ensure Client Success

During a coaching call with a client, we were talking about how things we put on our vision boards last year were coming into fruition. Mine was truly just a list, numbered 1-10, that I scratched on an index card at a retreat last year with my coach, Laura. (Sometimes, vision boards can be that […]

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How To Use Vision Boards to Attract Clients + Grow Your Biz

My clients are ambitious and they dream big. Many of them aspire to create courses so they can share their knowledge. So, if you’re wondering, “Should I create a course?” here’s what I’d say to you…  Things To Know Before Creating a Course Creating courses takes a lot of focused effort. There are quite a […]

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Creating A Course: What To Know Before You Dive In

When clients work with you, they usually have two problems: the problem your client THINKS they have (their tangible problem) and then the problem you ACTUALLY solve. You have to know both of these problems so you can sell them the solution to what they want and what they actually struggle with. Here’s the catch… […]

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Want More Clients? Ask Yourself This One Question

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