Three Ways to Grow Your Confidence in Yourself and Business


Confidence plays a large role in attracting clients and the income you want for your business. I know, I’m not telling you anything groundbreaking here. But, it can be hard to internalize that confidence and radiate it daily.

Because here’s the thing: confidence is a choice. How do you find that confidence for yourself and your business and choose to follow that every day so you can attain your goals and attract your perfect-fit clients and revenue goals?

First, let’s consider the game, Life. If you’ve never played, here’s the gist: You start the game with money, choose a career (CEO, sadly, is not a choice), and then you start spinning to choose your fate. Will you have a house? Get married? Have twins? Get a promotion? It’s all controlled by chance and a plastic spinner.

Unfortunately, there are people who live life as if they have no control over the end results, like their fate is literally at the mercy of a colorful spinner. What’s worse, some might be running businesses that way, too!

That’s where confidence comes in. Confidence gives you the belief that you (not the plastic spinner of Life) control what happens to you. How you react to a situation is up to you. Further, you believe that you have a choice and that choice makes all the difference in life and in business.

Three Ways to Grow Your Confidence in Yourself and in Business

Here’s what I know about you because you’re reading this post and haven’t stopped reading yet. You believe that:

  • Surrounding yourself with positive, high-vibe people will provide the encouragement you need to take big leaps.
  • Achieving goals is in your nature. You set an intention and work toward accomplishing it.
  • Attaining information and skills is easy and you already have everything you need to be successful.

Those ideas, my friend, are confidence in action. Sure, you may not know that you’re thinking about them every moment of every day. But they’re there.

So, let’s explore how you can truly internalize those beliefs and grow your confidence in order to attract perfect-fit clients and revenue!

1 | Choose Your Circle Wisely

To keep your confidence up, build an Entrepreneurial Circle of Trust. This circle is a small, exclusive group and they must pass rigorous testing before they’re allowed in. You don’t want to invite people whose catchphrase is “Yeah, but…” to your circle.

Instead, surround yourself with people who will lift you up, encourage you to take risks, and cheer you on. These people are there with you and totally get what you’re going through. 

You’re looking for high-vibe, high-achieving action takers. When you share your $100k idea, the plan for your epic leap, and your desire to make huge shifts in your life and business, the women in your circle should be saying things like:

  • “Take the risk! I’ve done it. You can do it, too!” 
  • “That’s not crazy!”
  • “Of course you should try it. Sounds like a great idea!”

If they aren’t encouraging you to dream big and take big action, disinvite them from your Entrepreneurial Circle of Trust and consider finding an additional circle of friends who can support you in that way.

2 | Set an Epic Goal

I’m not talking about something that seems doable and safe. I’m taking big. So big, this goal is something that has you pondering if it’s possibly too crazy. As the saying goes, “If it doesn’t scare you, you probably aren’t dreaming big enough!”

When you’ve set your epic goal, call in your confidence and your skills. Then, figure out the very next step you need to take to achieve that goal.

Epic goals only become impossible when you decide that they are impossible. If you decide that your big goal is going to happen, then nothing can stop you. No matter what, you’ll find a way.

Here’s why it’ll help grow your confidence: As you take one step at a time and achieve that micro-goal in pursuit of your epic goal, you’re building up evidence that you can make it happen.

As your evidence builds, so does your confidence. So, when you get to the next step, you can look back and say, “I figured out how to do XYZ, I can handle this.”

Further, that belief is totally magnetic. People love being around folks who are positive, encouraging, and uplifting. If you only do one thing to build your confidence and gain clients, do this. You will draw clients to you and revenue will follow!

Success Tip: Look for evidence that you’ve attained goals in the past. It’ll boost your confidence that you can achieve epic goals now!

3 | Take Action Every Day

Big goals won’t manifest without you. So, if you’re not taking steps to move your dreams forward every single day, then it’s time to get into action!

Most often, I hear that because you’re overwhelmed, lack direction, or don’t have “enough” of something (time, money, resources, support), you’re not able to move forward yet. Listen, that’s a load of BS.

An object in motion stays in motion. Therefore, when you take action, you’ll continue to take action, build confidence, and achieve your goals to attract the clients and revenue of your dreams.

Everything you need to achieve your dreams is available to you. All you have to do is say YES and move into a place of inspired action.

I don’t believe that your business should be left up to a random plastic spinner. While it’s tempting to “explain” situations by saying it was “in the cards” or “the winds of fate” blew the right way, really, that isn’t true.

Choosing confidence is the first step to attaining the life and business you want.

Be confident in your decisions. Confident that you can succeed. Confident that the clients will come and all the hustle will be worth it. Because, at the end of the day, you get to design your life and business.

What choices are you actively making now to confidently go after the LIFE of your dream?

Now that you’re focusing on internalizing confidence to boost that feeling daily, you may realize you have a surplus of clients!

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