Three Ways a Business Coach Will Save You Time


I have a routine set up for Alexa to turn off the lights when we tell her “bedtime.” Well, one night, Matt gave her that command and she responded with, “I’ve added time to your shopping list.” If only, Alexa!

Sadly, a business coach isn’t a magician, so we can’t add time to your list and have it magically appear on your doorstep in 2 days. But what we coaches can do is help you find more time in your schedule…if you use us wisely.

A business coach often provides accountability and alternate ideas, suggestions, and options rather than sitting feeling like you’re lost, stuck, and floating with no direction. Having someone to turn to is a huge asset in business from both a mental sanity point of view and a timesaving one!

Here are three big time-saving secrets that everyone who has a business coach knows and loves. By hiring a business coach, you’re telling yourself, “I’ve added time to my shopping list and I’m serious about getting it.”

1 | Use a Business Coach’s Expertise to Gain an Advantage in Your Business

One of the biggest struggles my gals come to me with centers around time. Sure, most struggles boil down to time, clients, money, and support, but they’re all related. So, back to time.

When you hire a business coach, you’ll save so much time because you can use their expertise to your advantage. Basically, you’re leveraging what they know to accelerate your learning.

While I hate the term “short cut” as it relates to business, that’s basically what you’re taking when you hire a business coach — but not a “short cut” in the sense of “cutting corners” and “doing half-ass work.” What we’re talking about here is putting yourself on their fast track.

Here’s the thing: Any good business coach has been working on their craft and coached dozens (if not more) of gals. They also have been coached, hopefully by different coaches with different styles. Because of this, they’ll make recommendations based on what they see has worked well for the majority of folks, including themselves.

That means you’re not wasting time in trial-and-error mode if they know that particular trial is not the right one for your business model or program you’re trying to release.

You’ll be working with a guide who has walked the path before and has educated information on what will work and what doesn’t.

Success Tip: Leverage your business coach’s knowledge to fast track your success in business and save time by avoiding costly mistakes.

2 | Take Advantage of Familiarity with Your Coach

As a business coach, I always want to keep learning and growing. So, I’ve always had at least one coach during my time in business.

Like I wrote in The 8 Life and Business Goals to Set in 2020, “Commit to finding out what big thing you need help with and consistently work with one person to bring it to a resolution.”

Here’s why: When you work consistently with a business coach, we get to know you. We also get to know your working style, your goals, and where you’ve been before. Because of that, you can skip that time-consuming “catching up to speed” period that inevitably comes when you work with someone new.

Further, we can make recommendations based on your unique needs (like I said before, you’re not wasting time on trial and error that won’t mesh with what you’re doing).

For example: A business coach will not recommend you create a group program and sell it in a week if you aren’t a quickstart type of person. We will, however, encourage you to take fast, thoughtful action to help you avoid sitting in perfectionism and waiting to release anything until you’re “ready.”

3 | Don’t Let Blips Become Downturns

Another way working with a business coach will save you time is all about perspective.

As I mentioned in How to Find and Hire a Business Coach, it isn’t about not knowing enough or being afraid to be “alone” in business. Having a business coach is about having a partner in perspective, accountability, and support.

Imagine you had a blow to your ego. Something didn’t work out, a program didn’t fill as you thought… Whatever your unique flavor of “UGH, that was bad!” is for you.

Now, imagine you had no one to talk to about it. There was no one to turn to for a little commiseration, advice, and encouragement to get back up and try it again.

It’s possible you’d feel very deflated and have no other perspectives but your own through which to view the situation. As such, the dam of negative feelings has burst open and you’ll have to repair the hole using your own sheer willpower. Seems daunting, doesn’t it? And… How long is that process of mentally shoring yourself back up going to take?

Now, picture that situation, but with a business coach you could turn to. That blow just became a little blip because you could rebound much more quickly with outside advice and perspective. Think of the time, heartache, and pints of Ben and Jerry’s you’d save by not wallowing by yourself!

Hiring a business coach is not a silver bullet. We don’t know the magical right thing to do in every situation. But we do know how to help you avoid the time-consuming mistakes that will eat up your mental energy. No more wasting time going down a path that will never work for your business. It’s almost like getting a Prime delivery of time! Ready for your delivery? Click here to learn how we can work together.

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