The 8 Life and Business Goals to Set in 2020


Goal setting can happen at any time in the year, but the beginning of the year just feels full of fresh possibilities and hope, doesn’t it?

Here’s the thing about setting goals. People think they have to do them every day for it to “count.” I say: nope! Commit to what you can take consistent action on. Some of these goals will actually be more effective if you do them less often (although some are daily habits).

Success Tip: As long as you can commit to it, that’s what matters.

These goals will definitely move the needle in your business. If you commit to yourself and your vision for what you want, you will make unshakable progress toward your goals. Here are eight goals to set for success in your life and business in 2020.

Invest in someone who has your back.

The biggest thing you could do to move your business forward in 2020 is to invest in someone who is interested in your success and who knows more than you. This person will look at things differently because they’re reflecting back on past experience they have. Because of this, you’ll avoid all the mistakes and pitfalls that trapped them or other folks they’ve worked with. (Ahem, that means the same fate won’t befall you!)

Look for a coach or mentor who, without question, has your back. Learn from them, listen to what they have to say, and do what they ask of you. You’ll make big strides in your business.

Stop buying small-bite solutions to a big-bite problems.

If you get seriously injured, do you A) sit on the couch and take an ibuprofen or B) go to a trained professional who knows exactly how to help you? A logical person would probably pick B. So why are you going for A in your business?

Courses, ebooks, and other little Band-Aids won’t help the big problems you have in your business. They’re small-bite fixes and they will never make a dent in finding a solution to your larger issues. It’s like popping a painkiller to numb yourself instead of going to see a doctor to heal what’s really causing the pain.

When you bounce around from small-bite solution to small-bite solution, especially when you’re looking to different sources each time, you’ll never end up with anything concrete or consistent in your business. Each strategy session you buy will start over from square one.

Success Tip: Commit to finding out what big thing you need help with and consistently work with one person to bring it to a resolution.

Learn something this year.

Maybe you invest in Masterclass. Perhaps you take a pottery class, try Pilates, or perfect pizza. The point is to be a beginner again.

Your brain expands so much when you try something new and broaden your scope of knowledge. The creation of new neural pathways helps your brain stay young and agile. Creativity and problem-solving will be sharpened, too, and who couldn’t use more of that in their lives?

Success Tip: Apply what you learned to your business. Who knows, maybe firing up the kiln is a metaphor you can use in your marketing!

Commit to your wellness.

Show me a CEO who doesn’t do anything for their body every day (wherever that looks like for them). Can’t find one, can you? (Or if you do, chances are things might be falling apart for them behind the scenes.) I believe that you can’t run your company if you aren’t performing at your highest level. And that means focusing on your wellness.

Do something every day that’s beneficial to your body, even if that’s drinking more water or stretching before bed. Tap into your body so you’re holistically well. The ripple effects on your emotional and mental wellbeing will thank you, too.

Do something in service for others.

Don’t you feel better when you do something for someone else? Commit to doing something for another person each day, week, or month, depending on how big you want to go. For example: One of my gals is donating a portion of her profits to a local charity, so she’s giving back quarterly.

If you need a starting place, see if More Love Letters resonates with you. Folks nominate a person they know who could use a little encouragement. The MLL Team compiles the requests and stories. Then, you write a letter of love, encouragement, and positivity to brighten the day of someone who’s going through a tough time.

Make a new connection.

Relationships are the driving force of many of our businesses. As creative entrepreneurs, we want to feel a connection to the folks we work with. That goes both for clients we serve and specialists we hire.

Each week, make a connection with a person you want to know better. Think: someone in your industry, a thought leader, a peer, or a “blind business date” (you know, when someone says, “You have to talk to Tiffany! I’ll email to connect you.”)

When you’re talking to them, find a connection point or something you can both talk about for ages. It’ll move the conversation along and keep it out of that awkward silence zone.

And yes, you can totally talk to people you want to know personally, sans business. Making friends as you get older is hard!

Talk about your business.

While you’re at it making new connections, talk about your business! Make it a goal to tell at least one person a week about what you do. Because here’s the thing… If you want clients, you have to talk about your products or offers. You have to sell!

Expand your essence and spirituality.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that entrepreneurs don’t compartmentalize. If you’re mentally stressed, it’ll show up in your physical body (usually in the form of a cold, ugh). And vice versa.

Like taking care of your body, taking care of your mental state is an important goal to set that will help you perform as the best CEO of your company.

You could turn to a yoga practice, journal every week, meditate, or whatever helps you tap into the essence of your being.

What goals are you setting for 2020? Share with us in the comments!

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