3 Tasks That Will Boost Business Success

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3 Tasks That Will Boost Business Success


Running a successful business is a little like taking a road trip. There are the big concepts you need to make sure you’re covering before you leave home, like which highways to take. Then, there are smaller things that are still important, but can be discussed on the road, like whether it’s worth it to detour to see the largest ball of twine.

Similarly, in business, you’ve surely set a big yearly goal. You know where you’re headed (ie: which highway you’re taking) and maybe even thought about what milestones you’re going to hit each quarter.

And, to have success in your business, you also need to define daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that will not only help you achieve your goals, but keep your passion alive. (What fun is a road trip if you don’t crank up the music and sing a little?)

Here are a few things to do each day, week, and month to make sure you don’t lose your drive (couldn’t help myself!) and keep motoring along towards your road trip destination.

Tasks To Perform Each Day

The day-to-day is quite possibly the hardest place to stop and reflect on what you’re actually doing, especially if you have set habits and perform them without thinking.

Link these with habits that are already in place and you’ll be sure to do these three tasks daily to keep business success in your sights.

1 | Manage Your Energy

You can’t drive a car on an empty tank. Similarly, you can’t keep up the same level of performance each day if you’re desperate for a break. No good work comes from a place of total depletion.

Manage your energy on a daily basis so you can stay in the best physical, mental, and emotional condition you can.

Some things you can do are:

  • Repeat a daily mantra or affirmation
  • Move your body
  • Take a 3pm catnap
  • Walk the dog
  • Identify what you want to feel today and come back to it when your energy starts to wander
  • Put your phone on DND and flip it over so you can’t see the screen
  • Ask your partner to pick up dinner
  • Meditate, journal, draw a card to get in touch with intuition

Whatever “managing your energy” means for you, do it! You’ll be high-vibe and ready to give from your overflow, not the bottom of your barrel.

2 | Look at Your Bank Account

Yes, this is slightly un-sexy, but CEOs know exactly what their money status is each day. They’re in command of their money and can make wise decisions for their business because they have a clear picture of their finances.

And guess what? You are a CEO. So, you gotta look at your bank account.

This is not meant to beat yourself up. It’s so you can make empowered choices. Pair this with a mantra (even something as simple as, “I’m rich!”) daily and reframe your relationship with your bank account.

3 | Identify the Very Next Thing to Do

Okay, yes, this is logical, but it needs to be here so you can make it a priority! If you aren’t identifying the most important, very-next-step that you need to take each day, you won’t hit your goals. Simple as that.

Sit down each day and write out the ONE THING you are going to commit to doing for the day. This is going to be the action item that’ll move the needle forward toward your business success.

Success Tip: Identify one thing you’ll do each day and perform that task first before anything else gets done in your business!

What To Do Each Week for Business Success

There are some things that don’t make sense to do as often, but you still want to make progress on them and keep them at the forefront of your mind before a whole month has gone by. Enter: weekly tasks that will help you stay on course and keep that passion for your business alive.

1 | Work ON, Not IN

Want to keep a relationship spicy? Work on it. Same with your business goals. It can be hard to see the forest for the trees when all you do is slog through the daily stuff that you have to do in your business.

Spice it up and have some fun! Commit a block of time every week to work ON your business instead of IN your business. Even if it’s 30 minutes on a Tuesday night, that’ll help.

2 | Talk About Yourself

If one of your goals is to triple, quadruple, and even 10x your income from last year, this one’s for you. In order to increase your income (so you can do all the amazing things you want your business to provide for you), you have to talk about what you do!

Seek out opportunities to sell each week, whether it’s through emails, social media, or in-person networking. The more often you talk about your business, the more natural it’ll become to include in conversation so you can find ways to talk to people about what you do and actually ask for the sale.

3 | Make Space for Sales Calls

I encourage my coaching gals to include work blocks for sales calls on their CEO schedule. And now, I’m encouraging you to open up space for your calendar for new people to learn about you. After all, you’ve talked about yourself, now you have to make space for people to say YES to your services!

Look at your calendar and see where you are available to talk to potential clients. Then, offer those times to folks coming into your world.

Business Tasks To Perform Every Month to Propel Your Success

Each month is an opportunity to refresh anything that is no longer serving you. That includes goals, mindsets, and business systems that aren’t driving you to your destination. Of course, celebrate what is going well, too!

1 | Review and Recommit to Your Goals

Set some time aside (even 5 minutes will do) at the end of the month to check in with yourself and your goals.

  • Do you want to keep going with that goal?
  • Is it still exciting to you?
  • Is it not fun in the moment, but in 10 years, will you be happy you saw it through?

Review what you’re aiming at so you stay in good relationship with what you said you’ll do. (And don’t beat yourself up if you realize something isn’t a right fit anymore. It happens to all of us!)

Also, note anything that isn’t quite clicking and give thanks to it for teaching you something new. It’s worth it to celebrate progress (after all, progress is where dreams are made).

Be sure to celebrate your success and write down your favorite moments from the month. This will help you when you’re stuck in the daily tasks.

Then, recommit to following through by performing the daily and weekly tasks that’ll help you achieve your monthly goals.

Success Tip: Write your goals down and look at them every day. Remind yourself why you are doing the small pieces that make the bigger goals attainable.

2 | Ask Curious Questions

This one may be hard if you’re a black-or-white kind of person. But it’s important to hear: You are not carving anything in stone.

When you review and recommit to your goals, be open to the possibility that things will change. Check in with yourself and ask curious questions, like:

  • How can I accomplish that?
  • What is the very next step I could take?
  • What do I need in order to take the very next step?
  • How could I make this process better/easier/faster in the future?

Be open to testing and changing. There’s excitement in trying something differently and allowing things to come to you in unanticipated ways.

3 | Streamline Processes For Easier Management

Now that you’ve given thanks and turned inward to reflect and review your goals, do the same for your business systems and processes.

Like driving cross-country on a donut tire, trying to run a successful business while using a system that is only half-solving your problem will surely blow up and cause delays in your journey.

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Going on a road trip takes planning, especially if you need to make sure you have enough snacks to get you to the end destination! The same is true in business. The tasks you do each day, week, and month are like pieces of a road trip. They’re all essential for business success and arriving where you want to go. You may even get to see some balls of twine along the way!

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