The One Thing Every Entrepreneur Needs to Celebrate (It’s Not What You Think It Is)

Real Life

Someone asked me the other day: “What do I do if I don’t have anything to celebrate this year?”

Doesn’t that just hit you in the stomach, especially during the holiday season where celebrations abound? It can feel a little like you’re left out while everyone else is clinking champagne glasses and toasting their big successes this year.

I wanted to reach through my computer and give her a big hug. 

The first thing I told her and what I want you to hear, too, is this: There are definitely things to celebrate.

Often, we think of celebrating as a big, over-the-top party where everything matches, there are five courses, and someone gets engaged. Or, perhaps, I’ve just seen too many deleted scenes from Downton Abbey.

I’m kidding. Yes, elaborate parties to mark a milestone are great. And celebrations can be small moments to thoughtfully commemorate something important to you.

Here’s what I told my gal next:

“Take stock of big picture progress, even if it is happening slower than you desire.”

Find an area where you’ve gotten out of your own way and done something uncomfortable — somewhere you’ve made progress in your business, even if it wasn’t the big vision you had in mind. 

You reached out to one person… 

You opened your bank statement… 

You were willing to write the email…

You said no to the person/client/money that someone wanted to give you because it wasn’t the right fit.

Because here’s the thing… Progress is worth celebrating.

For example: Back in January, I envisioned a full calendar, consistently-converting leads, and a library of resources and lower-priced offerings that would fly off the shelves.

That vision is great… It was also with a different team, so it didn’t come together within the original timing I’d planned. 

Am I behind where I thought I would be? Yes, AND, it’s worth celebrating everything I and my team learned through the process this year.

While it wasn’t particularly happy or fun, it was incredibly empowering and absolutely set me up for a positive future, the rewards of which are already rolling in.

So, if you asked me if I hit any goals I want to celebrate, I’d tell you, “Not even close.” Then, I’d probably order a pizza and eat the whole thing myself. Let me assure you, as good as pizza is, that would not be a celebration pizza, it would be a sadness pizza.

But if you ask me if I wanted to acknowledge that I made progress toward a goal? I’d happily say yes. And to me, that is worth celebrating.

I promise, there is something to celebrate, even if this year was more about integrating and learning than it was about doing one big, life-changing thing.

The point is to recognize those moments, appreciate them for what they are, and honor them.

I’ll be here cheering for your tiny wins and encouraging you every step of the way!

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