The Ultimate Guide to Create a Schedule for Your Business

The Ultimate Guide to Create a Schedule for Your Business


You may have heard me say before that I don’t use a planner. GASP! I know, you may think you need your planner. You have a bazillion things you could be working on, so how do you pick what gets done? And how do you make it all work while also balancing making dinner and checking homework? And not forget anything?

But let me tell you a little secret… When I started using a CEO schedule, my time and energy levels changed (for the better)! Here’s how you can set up a weekly schedule for your business and balance your time so it all gets done.

Why You Must Create a Weekly Business Schedule

First of all, why do you need a weekly schedule if I just admitted I don’t use a planner? Ah, here’s the catch: I do follow a schedule, but I don’t bother with a planner to tell me what to do each week. Instead, I’ve set my week up so I do the same things each week.

Having a weekly schedule (I call it my CEO schedule) has allowed me to:

  • Stress less.
  • Get more done.
  • Follow the fun in my business.
  • Focus my energy to create in alignment and find flow instead of feeling like I’m pushing a rock uphill each day.

Pretty sweet, right? Right! There are just 5 simple steps standing between you and that feeling.

1 | Follow Your Energy

The first thing you must do if you want to create a business schedule (hell, even a life schedule) that allows for maximum productivity is to understand where your energy goes.

Don’t change anything for about a week and keep a log of:

  • When your energy is the highest (you’re the most focused, most productive, the most “I feel like I could run through a wall, I’m so powerful”).
  • When your energy is the lowest.
  • When distractions are more likely to creep up.

In your log, don’t just note the times. Also pay attention to the situations surrounding changes in your energy, such as:

  • The type of activity that restores your energy.
  • The type of activity that depletes your energy.
  • The foods/environmental stimuli that restore your energy.
  • The foods/environmental stimuli that deplete your energy.

For example: Is it after doing a particular type of activity, when you’ve spoken with a certain person, or if you don’t take the dog for a walk at a certain time?

Success Tip: Follow your energy to determine what fills you up and what doesn’t.

2 | Create a Fence for Your Day

Pick a container for your time and outline it on your calendar. Decide how many hours per week you want to work and break that down into hours per day.

Maybe you know you have to wrap up work early on Tuesday nights, but have the ability to sit down at your desk a bit later on Wednesday.

Whatever your fence looks like, set up boundaries for your work time. Yes, they can change as needed, but you have to decide when you’ll be working for a business schedule to…well, work!

3 | Schedule Work Blocks and Batch Your Time

Now that you know when you’re most productive and when you want to be at your desk, bring them together.

There are 6 Energies of Entrepreneurship:

  • Content Creation
  • Marketing
  • Edge Work
  • Self Care
  • Fulfillment
  • CEO Time

Everything you do in your business will fall under one of these categories. Understanding these energies, and intentionally batching tasks that share the same energy into one work block, will save you so much time and improve your productivity and focus.

For example: Content creation takes a different type of energy than Fulfillment (AKA: doing “client work,” for me, that could be leading a mastermind call). So, I’ve separated my days into work blocks based on energy output and when I am going to have the easiest time completing those tasks based on my energy flow.

On your weekly schedule, designate work blocks for each of these energies based on when YOU are going to be able to perform them to the best (and easiest) of your abilities. Assign those work blocks based on type of activity and when your energy level will match it.

Success Tip: Notice when you’re most productive during the day and schedule your high energy work during those times.

Then, batch your work.

What kinds of tasks can you batch? So many, in both your business and your life! Errands. Emails. Meetings and calls. Reach out. Meal prep… The list goes on.

Batching requires thinking ahead, but you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to get everything done.

At the beginning of the week (or end of the current work day), look at the days ahead. In your weekly schedule, mark down specific tasks you will do on specific days.

For me, I try to have coaching calls on Tuesday and Wednesday (because they energetically align) and do my errands on Thursday when no one is out. That way, I’m not scattering my focus about.

There’s a general outline I follow and don’t have to think too hard about it, like a daily habit of taking a vitamin and brushing my teeth.

While my daily tasks will change week to week, I can set up my weekly schedule of work blocks once and know what energy I need to bring for each day. 

4 | Train Your Family

A lot of my gals have family as well as business obligations. You’re balancing school pick up and gymnastics with client work and moving your business forward. And I know from personal experience that people just assume you can drop everything and “run to the store” on a whim. Ha!

So, not only do you have to commit to a schedule long enough to see if it works for you, but you have to make sure others know you’ve planted your flag in the sand and will not be taking requests from the peanut gallery at set times.

Training your family ensures that they A) know they can’t run to you for every little thing because you are focusing on running your business and B) will eventually learn to solve their own problems, thus ensuring you won’t be bothered in the future.

5 | Test and Pivot

Things come up, you forget to include something in your weekly schedule, or you realize you’re way more productive in the afternoon than the morning. That’s okay! Try out your schedule and tweak it as you go. Just promise me this: stick to it for at least a month. If you keep hopping around each week, you won’t build the consistency you need for this to work!

When I started following my CEO Schedule, I was amazed at how much time opened up for me. Setting up a weekly business schedule allowed me to truly maximize my time. If you want to get more done in your day, try this out. Or you can get done with your work quicker and go to the dog park. I don’t judge, I just give you the tools!

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